The FSE was formed in 2013 to work with individuals and groups to create sustainable opportunities that benefit communities, especially those most vunerable.

We started as a small team of volunteers with the desire to use their skills and experience to make a positive difference in their communities. 

We aim for all our projects to be socially inclusive, bringing different parts ( faith, gender, age, culture, ethnicity, ability) of communities together.


To create projects and working relationships with individuals and groups of different communities that will connect people in a positive way.​

For our youth projects, we encourage young people to also be part of the planning process for our activities in their communities.

For all our projects to promote socially inclusivity, education and sustainability.



We encourage creativity from all individuals including our members, young people and external organisations we work with.

Creativity makes our work stronger, and shows the input from each individual adding value to  our work for communities. 


We seek to maintain the highest standards of social, safeguarding and business practices, we value honesty, and always aim to uphold these standards from our staff, volunteers, and in our work with individuals and organisations.


We encourage people from all backgrounds to participate in our projects it is our aim to make all our projects accessible.


We aim to respect to our natural environment and the people in the communities we work in.